Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100% Boy

We had some snow over the weekend which was gone almost as fast as it came.  Although this didn't result in a lake forming in our backyard, we did have muddy conditions.  The Dude wasn't about to let all the good muck go to waste.  He took it upon himself to relish in it!

Here he was talking to Shmook and his mom who were safe behind the kitchen screen door.  HP was the only "victim" of The Dude's muddy hugs (and she was TICKED!).

The kid had mud everywhere!  I gave him a bath after and upon seeing the muck that he had left behind commented "Mom, I think someone pooped in the bathtub". is just the mudslide that washed off of you!

The Dude was having a blast!

The muddy slip-n-slide that The Dude and a neighbor created.  Who needs grass right? ;)

The Dude getting a running start!


grandma D said...

Wow! What fun
Reminds me of another story...
when 4 young highschool girls walked out to the "field" and came back looking like

Must be in the Genes

He is such a lucky boy to have "YOU" as a mom!
You are setting a great example for those who watch you.

BB and DB said...

I love this!!!! So much fun! I agree with grandma D - lucky to have you as a mom... I can totally see you encourging that running start :) If I'm feeling out of ideas when the kiddos get older - I know who to call!