Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update Dec 2009 & Resolution

Dear Lord. Where to begin?

I am sorry for being such a blog-slacker. My reasons are lame. My biggest road block was that I no longer had the cord that connected my camera to my computer. My posts are always picture heavy and I guess I didn't know what else to do. Boo Hoo right?

I have made a resolution for 2010 that I will do AT LEAST one post a week. *I think I can hear my mom and grandma clapping...weird*

Okay, how about I update you what has been going on with the family lately (daycare update in a upcoming post)?

The kids are wonderful. The Dude is rounding out his first year in Kindergarten. He is LOVING it. The amount of knowledge he is learning has astounded me. He went in to the school year knowing the letters of the alphabet, but not knowing the sounds of the letters. Four months later, he is able to string sounds together and read simple words. The best part about it is that he really gets a kick out of the challenge of trying to read. He is so eager to learn.

HP hasn't changed much. She is still sassy as ever and thinks that her way is the only way! She loves spending time with Peanut and I am dreading the day when these two are going to go their separate ways. They have found a sister in each other and spend every moment they can playing "house" and "honey" and "sweetie" (their own version of games). HP tried soccer this fall and she could not have cared less about the game. She liked the fact that there were other kids there to play with and that we usually got McDonald's breakfast before her game. :)

Starchy is doing great. He survived a very long, very stressful teachers strike in Oct/Nov. Just when I thought I was going to have to get him on some Xanex, they came to a resolution. I would not wish a strike on my worst enemy. It was awful. Thankfully, he has been able to get back in to the swing of things. He has just started a marathon training program which he is very excited about. He will be running the St. Louis marathon in the spring.

A lot has changed for me over the past 6 months as well. I started a weight loss journey back in March (weight watchers) and have managed to lose almost 50 lbs. I have combined sensible (most of the time) eating, with 5-time-a-week workouts. It has been slow, but thankfully, steady. I have another 25 lbs to go before I reach my goal. I hope to do so by March 2010.

Enough of the blah, blah, blah's. I recently got a new camera (yay!) for my birthday and FINALLY have some new pictures to share.

Without further adieu...

This was taken the first night I got my new camera. I love the expression on The Dude's face. No idea what they are doing though.

The Dude right before he blew out his candles on his 6th....yes, 6th birthday cake! His eyes tell it all.

The Dude chose to have his birthday party at a local gymnastics academy and it was a hoot! 17 kids between the ages of 3-7 and all went off without a hitch. Here he is giving a go at the rope climb.

It was hard to get his picture because he never stopped moving! :)
On one of the two trampolines. The kid was sweating by the time our 2 hours was up.

HP and her buddy Peanut. They had just finished making a project when this picture was taken, hence the marker on the face.

Bath time! I love this one because you rarely get to see her without glasses. She is also sporting her new favorite hairstyle that she has dubbed "cinnamon twisties".

Got to start 'em swimming young. So what if it is a bathtub! :)

This was taken at Yamma and Poppa's house on my birthday. HP was taking everyone's order. Her costume is one of her Aunt Nina's old dance recital costumes!

This is what happens to poker straight hair after the cinnamon twisties come out for the day!

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BB and DB said...

YEA!!!! I have SO missed your blog posts! I'm happy you're back :) A few times I even checked specifically to make sure my blog reading list that shows you who has updated wasn't wrong. Love you girl!