Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He Still Believes...

As you all know, The Dude is now attending public school. There are a lot of things he has learned over the past few months that are a direct result of him interacting with whole new group of kids. He has pushed boundaries with the eye roll (it did NOT fly). He has given a go at sarcasm and backtalk (again, a major flop). But for the most part, he has stayed true to his happy little self.

We were snuggling on the couch the other night when the following conversation took place:

Dude: "Mom, can I ask you a question?"

Me: "Sure Dude, what's up?"

Dude: "Well...a couple of kids on the bus said that there was no Santa Claus. They said it was just our moms and that true?"

Me (trying to choke down the enormous lump in my throat, while feigning shock): "No! No way man. I mean...mommy and daddy wrap and buy Christmas presents for you and know that...but Santa, he is the one that brings you something special on Christmas Eve and fills your stockings."

Dude (pondering for a moment): "I knew it...I knew there was no way you and Daddy could make it to the North Pole and back in one night."

I am SO glad he believes for another year. :)

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jen said...

My nephew (age 7 almost 8) asked Santa for a bell this year, like from the polar express....he told my sister it's because he "wants to believe." Hearbreakers those kids.