Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Caymans Post...I Promise.

The wedding madness is dying down and I am now going through a sea of pictures.  We had the Ottawa reception this past weekend and it was wonderful.  The best part for me, was watching the kids as they saw their friends from the Caymans.  Each couple who walked into the boat club was greeted my a very enthusiastic HP and The Dude.  The friendships each of them has made over the past month is definitely one of the best byproducts of being in Nina's wedding.

Now, for the last batch of pictures...

HP and Starchy building a giant hole.  Not sure who had more fun!

Here is Starchmeister after the wedding.  This was taken by Peter, the professional wedding photographer.

Another one of Peter's.  Each side of the family.

The Corky family out to eat.  I remember this restaurant not for the gorgeous view, but for the kick ass grilled mahi-mahi sandwiches.  They were to die for (and I am a loser).

The Dude (and Starchy's ass...ha ha ha...whatever, he never reads my blog).

Squishing in the back of our rental car that smelled like stale bread and cat pee.  Good times!

Oh la-la.  Starchy and I all fancy.

HP and The Dude walking down the dock.

Pausing like good little girls and boys to get their picture taken.  I love, love, love this one.

Even though he was dressed up, he was still 100% boy.

Getting his pep talk from Starchy about how to hold the ring pillow and walk at the same time (Peter's pictures from here on out).

Getting fancy-girl hair.  
In these two last ones you can totally see the lagoon that the lanai's look out to.  The lagoon is surrounded by homes (in a horseshoe shape) which were all rented by the wedding guests.  It was a wild and crazy time!

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