Friday, June 12, 2009

The Caymans Days 4-8

Our trip has been fantastic! Starchy, the kids and I are in paradise. The prospect of coming home is weighing on our minds as we try to soak up every ounce of sand and sun. As always, I do better when I let the pictures do the talking. In random order...

The Dude's home away from home. Mr. Man has been making sure all of his bathing suits get equal time in both the ocean and the pool. He has REALLY improved his swimming and snorkeling skills on this trip.
HP and Ashley after renting jet ski's. The salt water kept splashing HP in the face so she used Ashely's glasses (so nice of her!). Ashley said they hovered right around 10 miles an hour. To put that in perspective, The Dude and Uncle Do-It hovered right around 40 mph. It looked like Ashley was driving Miss. Daisy!

The boys giving it a go on their "faster" jet ski.
Starchy and I at the wedding reception after about 15 rum punches.
This isn't the best picture, but you can see HP at the wedding reception showing off her moves on the dance floor. She kept swinging her arms in the air (like the "up-came-the-sun" part in Itsy Bitsy Spider) like a madwoman. It was adorable!
The Bride giving her speech. One of them...
Here are a few of the Ottawa guests that made it to the islands. We had three other tables like this plus the head table. Very intimate and very pretty.
Starchy, The Dude and Uncle Do-It.
HP on the boat between the ceremony and the reception. We ended up going pretty fast and she was screaming her everloving head off.
The Dude was more reserved at the reception. He wasn't keen on dancing and I think he was a little tired having to be "fancy" all day. Here he was taking a moment to himself.
The Three Amigo's on the boat ride! Side note: HP did have a gorgeous flower girl dress on for the ceremony. But after hearing her complain about how itchy it was, she changed before the reception. A comfortable 3 year-old, is a happy 3 year-old.
The Bride.
HP and I (her wearing the itchy dress), me wearing one two sizes too big.
HP's pretty hair and tiara.
The Bride before her big day. In another moment of class and grace.
HP and I in the holding room before the nuptials.
Do-It and Ashley in the pool at Margaritaville on 7-Mile Beach. Yes, there is a water slide in the restaurant!
The Dude with a baby lizard on his arm. He was so brave (I was totally grossed out).

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