Monday, June 8, 2009

The Caymans Days 1-3

We have been having a BLAST here in the Cayman Islands. Here are some pictures from the first few days.

HP has been getting good use out of her prescription sunglasses. And they are so fashionable to boot!

The Bride and Groom...
The kids at the Turtle Farm. We were in the bird section and The Dude was asking the quide a question.
The Dude holding a Cayman bird. This bird was perched on another tourist's shoulder about 2 minutes after this shot was taken and proceeded to take a giant turd all over the poor woman. It was HILARIOUS!
Starchy and The Dude in matching outfits (we didn't plan it!).

HP being brave and actually holding a turtle (I did not).

Starchy and I at stingray city. We got in the water and swam with stingrays! You can see one by my leg in the water.

Both kids have been loving the beach. They have spent countless hours on the beach making sandcastles and digging holes.

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jen said...

Likes like you're having a blast. Am I jealous of the beach, the sun and water...just a LITTLE! And swimming with stingrays?! You're way braver than me, I'd have pushed someone down trying to get out of the water! ENJOY the rest of your vacation!!!!