Monday, January 12, 2009


The kids, Starchy and I took advantage of the recent snow and went sledding this weekend!  The weather was cold enough as to not melt the snow, but mild enough that HP (who is a cold weather wuss) could still enjoy it.

Here is the view from the top of the hill.  As you can see it was quite overcast, but not a bad view of the river I'd say.

This was HP's preferred method of getting down the hill.  Starchy was at her beck and call the entire day!  

HP pouting because Starchy decided to ride with The Dude.  She's quite the Daddy's girl.

Feeling better, HP decided to "let" Starchy carry her up the hill.  There were at least 70 stairs!  

Here is one of The Dude's many wipe outs!  The kid was all over the hill.  He would get to the bottom and literally get up and run back to the top.  It was a sight to see.
The Dude riding what I affectionately call "the bucket o' death".  There was absolutely no steering on this toboggan and more often than not you ran into the bushes (at least I know I did).  Thankfully The Dude had more luck and agility and was able to fly down the hill unscathed.
Mr. Stink.
After he biffed it and got a face full of snow!  
The one time HP tried to get herself up the hill.  You can see she didn't have much success...
There are no words...


jen said...

Two priceless pics: HP's pout and the Dude's grin. What fun!

BB and DB said...

I love it!!! DB and I talk kids a lot these days, as you can imagine, and we're SO excited! Parents like you guys are why we're so excited! It looks like so much fun! And your kids look so happy :) You two are awesome!