Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Due to the colder weather we have been experiencing, The Crew has been doing more indoor activities.  The other day, we decided to bust out the finger paints.  At first Peanut, HP and The Dude were hesitant to get dirty.  Once I assured them that they could wipe their hands on their paint shirts, they really started to have fun.

This is the point where Peanut and HP gave up on painting on the paper and decided the table provided a better canvas.

Three messy kids = three HAPPY kids!
I don't think she is praying, but HP sure does look like a little angel (although we all know better!)

Peanut working her magic on the paper.  Although they all started out with vibrant colors on their paper, in the end all we had was a mucky, brown color.  This picture was taken early in the process.

I love this picture because Peanut was SO hesitant to get dirty.  As soon as I took this shot she looked at me and said "Miss. Rikki, can I be done?".  Obviously, she was encouraged to play more! 

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