Monday, December 15, 2008

OOH: The Packing

The fact that I am willingly posting pictures of my messy basement, should show you how excited I am about going home for the holidays.  Two days and counting...

Here are the bags.  Mine, HP's and The Dude's.  We are trying to pack light and efficiently.  This isn't a problem for The Dude and I.  Unfortunately, HP feels the need to pack every outfit under the sun along with coordinating accessories.  I may just have to repack when she isn't looking.  (Don't mind the blue lizard on the floor, it is left over from The Dude's birthday party this weekend).

Here is our basement and Mt. Laundry.  All of this is clean and I had the *sarcasm* good fortune of being the one to sort it on to piles.  Starchy would help, but he doesn't fold right and we can't pack wrinkly clothes.  There is a method to my madness...I swear.

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Rick said...

Wow! What storm came through there?

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