Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fashion Football

HP is has been coming with Starchy and I to The Dude's weekend flag football games.  She has embraced the role of cheerleader with vigor.  She screeches from the sidelines whether her brother has the ball or not.  

But, I can say with all honesty that her excitement on Saturday mornings is due to the fact that she will have a crowd to play to...and she is working it like a mofo.  

When I post about her fashion sense I imagine people thinking "Well Rikki, you are the one that dresses her, so aren't tooting you own horn by marveling in HP's fashion sense?".

That's where you are wrong.

HP, and ONLY HP, picks her outfits.

She has more girlishness in her little finger then I do in my entire being.  

My little three year-old can accessorize with the best of 'em.

This picture was taken this weekend.  HP not only decided on the purple shirt because that is The Dude's team colors, but was able to coordinate her boots to match.

This one was taken the weekend before.  An outside game, so HP had to accessorize with striped tights and a hat (and is ANYTHING more Diva then Starbucks hot chocolate?).  

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