Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All The Leaves Are Falling....

Starchy, the kids and I (I am including myself but honestly was good for nothing) raked leaves this past weekend.

It was the first time this season that it has been really cold.  After bundling up, the kids were ready to help.  

They started out swinging each other around with a rake.
They helped Starchy pull the leaves to the street (it is a bad picture, but you can see the little white and black heads poking out of the pile).
HP was especially good at lying on the grass and making "snow angels".  *eyeroll*
HP also declared a "bike break" after all her hard work was done.  *sarcasm*
The Dude loved this hat!  It wasn't quite cold enough for a rabbit fur lined hat, but he couldn't pass it up.  Here he is giving a go at making a snow angel. *eyeroll*
HP "helping" Starchy...

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