Monday, January 18, 2010

Besties- HP & Peanut

HP and Peanut have been in daycare together for the past four years. Ever since I ventured out on my own and Peanut started coming to my house, they have been inseparable. I firmly believe that even if they had other girls to play with, they would still choose each other.

They are the yin to each other's yang.

Neither of the girls is fully aware that come this summer, their time together will be at an end. I know that friends will come and go, but I am glad that these pictures are here to treasure HP's (and Peanut's) first best friend.


jen said...

So sweet. They love each other a bunch! I don't think that going to Kindergarten at different schools will keep those girls apart--they'll always be buds. I do, however think it is in the best interest of whatever poor teacher would have had the pair of them in the same class that we do not live in the same district as you guys! :)

Sarah- Little Ark Photography said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! look at their funny smiles!!! they're gorgeous!