Monday, April 28, 2008

In the beginning...

I have decided to create this blog to keep my friends and family abroad (does Canada count as abroad?) and the Parents of The Crew up on the constant chaos at Homebase (apparently in the blogger world, you have to have code names for common things, it is all the rage).  

You would think that running a business out of my home that involves a lot of Boogers, Kisses and Spilled Milk, I wouldn't have time to post.  You, my friend, have forgotten that kids nap.  This (I hope) will leave me plenty of time to post while avoiding any housework that Starchy (this is going to be husbands code word because the man could win an international award for most starch used whilst ironing daily) thinks I should be doing.  

I look forward to your comments and readership.

Peace out,


Whitney Cain said...

Hi Fuzz,
I've never blogged before, so hopefully you get this message! I love the site and the pictures of the kids, can't believe how grown up they are! Suppose I will have to start one of these soon to keep up with everyone...did you know I'm 5 months prego? Due in September, just had to add another September b-day to the family mix. Anyway, will you be going to AZ for girls weekend at the end of this month. If you go I will go! Love ya, Whit

Rikki said...


Congrats on the pregnancy! Bethany filled me in. I will not be attending the girls weekend in May (sad face). I would love to hear how you are feeling and maybe see a pic of the baby bump.

Give my love to Snotty and Foxy.